Friday, January 22, 2010

Football Fantasy

Do you realize we only have four football games left this season???? I'm mourning already. I LOVE football! And really miss it once the season is over. The Longhorns are my college team, since I graduated from UT. I oscillate between pro teams. Was a die-hard Houston Oilers fan, followed them to Tennessee (especially when Vince Young was drafted to play there, and have enjoyed watching the Houston Texans mature into a fairly good team. Can't stand the Dallas Cowboys. However, I'll watch just about any pro game.

So this year, I decided to give Fantasy Football a try. I like to think I'm pretty knowledgeable about football (even toyed with the idea of becoming a sports caster while in college). But, my foray into the fantasy world made me realize that's not the case. To succeed at fantasy football, you need to study/know who the best players are in each position. I can name good quarterbacks and running backs but am useless when it comes to tight ends or special teams. And, I had no motivation to learn any more than I can glean from watching lots of games and the local sports broadcasts. That was the other realization from the season. Fantasy Football takes LOTS of time. I have friends who play in three and four leagues. Don't have a clue how they stay on top of making sure they have all the positions filled for each game in each league. It was all I could do to be ready in one.

My season wasn't a total flop. I did win a few games but no one in my league was frightened at the prospect of playing my team. That's OK. It was fun. I might even play again next year. But I'm not giving up my day job to try to become the perky sideline reporter any time soon.