Thursday, April 7, 2011

Country Girl in the Big City

I am blessed to be able to travel frequently and love seeing new places. We often stay in nice hotels as a special treat. Last month we traveled to Las Vegas and stayed at Mandalay Bay. It is gorgeous--and HUGE! There are actually three (or is it four?) hotels within the resort in addition to an aquarium, the requisite casino, a theatre (where we saw The Lion King), and multiple restaurants and shops.

Our room was a king suite with TWO bathrooms. Who needs two bathrooms in a hotel? The master bath had a flat screen TV mounted so you could see it from the giant soaker tub, and a phone. Who exactly does one call from the bathroom. The sitting area included leather couches, a desk, flat screen TV, and a bar. Robes and slippers were provided, and the armoir was as big as some closets I've seen. The "do not disturb" sign was electronic. You pressed a button in the room, and the words were illuminated on the sign outside your door. Can you see it in the lower left corner of the picture? There was even a doorbell! It's the yellow button in the center.

I most definitely felt like the country bumpkin coming to the big city. All I could think of was Gomer Pyle saying, "Golly" in that long, drawn out southern way. But, it sure was fun!