Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Great to be an American

What an historic day! Whether you voted for Obama or not, it was inspiring to watch the inauguration and see the diversity of our nation. How blessed am I to live in a country where the people elect their leader with a freedom known in very few places. What a sense of patriotism and pride to watch as hundreds of thousands gathered waving flags to hear our new president speak. God bless America.
And now, let us lift up our new president and his family in prayer as he begins his tenure.

Missing my dad

Today marks the 10th anniversary of my dad's death. Don't mean to be morbid--I just miss him and can't believe he's been gone so long. He was a special man and a wonderful husband and father. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • He was a man of conviction. Today's inauguration reminded me of the time he voted for a candidate who didn't stand much chance of winning. But, dad believed in his candidate and backed him whole heartedly rather than follow the crowds.
  • He was honest.
  • He demanded we do our best in every endeavor and set an example for his children of how to do so.
  • He stood up for his family.
  • He was a hard worker and a good provider.
  • He could fix just about anything. Looking back on it, that was probably because there wasn't extra money to pay someone else to do so; but he never complained--just did what had to be done.
  • He set a wonderful example of a loving husband.
  • He was patient. I remember him teaching me how to make change using the coins in his pocket. It took me forever to catch on, but he just continued showing me how to count the money back.
  • He taught me how to drive a manual transmission and never complained of a whiplash from my jerky starts and stops.
  • He knew when to punish and when to hug.
    • Monday, January 19, 2009 the dawn's early light

      Last month, Tommy and I traveled to Washington DC and visited the newly reopened National Museum of American History. The star attraction is the flag that inspired Francis Scott Key to pen our national anthem almost 200 years ago. It was moving to see.

      Sunday morning, I left Houston on a 6:30 a.m. flight and happened to get a window seat. As we climbed, I glanced out the window to the east. What a gorgeous sunrise! The horizon was a deep red which faded to orange to a pale yellow. There were dark clouds outlined in stark contrast to the gradually increasing light. My meager description doesn't do it justice.

      All I could think of was, if the dawn Mr. Key witnessed so many years ago was anything like the one I was looking at, then no wonder he was so moved.

      Tuesday, January 13, 2009

      While you're at it syndrome...

      About five years ago, we decided to do some upgrading to the house. It started with a new frig....which required replacing the cabinets above the frig since this one was taller than our old one... .which led to installing an "above the stove" microwave.... You get the picture.
      Well, today that happened with my car. I drive an Acura MDX that I love! It gets excellent gas mileage, rides comfortably, and has lots of room (great for those girlfriend get away weekends). It's seven years old and has 105,000 miles on it. I took it to the dealer for the 105,000 mile check up and asked them to look at the heater fan motor because it was making a strange noise. They called about two hours later to say the noise was caused by some debris and would be relatively easy to fix. The check up, however, was another story. The spark plugs needed to be changed and the serpentine belt was worn....which meant the timing belt was probably worn as well....which would require removing the thermostat and water pump to find out for sure....and since the pump was already out, it probably should be replaced too.
      Good thing there's not another check up scheduled any time soon. Thank you, God, that you have provided us the means to take care of such situations when they arise.

      Saturday, January 10, 2009


      Being from Texas, where it's practically a religion; and as a University of Texas graduate, I LOVE football!! Especially college ball. I'm always a little sad to see the season end. My longhorns had a great year capped off with a victory over Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl. Hook 'em Horns!!

      Only seven months until the next season begins.....

      Saving grace...

      I had lunch and shopped with my good friend, Jan, this afternoon and played Bunco with my girlfriends tonight. It was the perfect end to a very busy week--and probably saved my sanity. We always have such a great time, and there's lots of laughter. The perfect saving grace to an insane week.

      Went back to work Monday after the two week Christmas break. The desk wasn't piled too high, but there are always things to catch up on. The day was going well until a snow storm came in. My boss sent me home about 3, since my commute is about 45 minutes; and he didn't want me to get caught in rush hour traffic in the snow. (Side note: I have the world's greatest boss and the best job.) Good plan, but it didn't work. The traffic wasn't too heavy, but the snow was. It took me twice my normal commute to get home. Safely, thank goodness.

      Waiting for me at home was a voice mail reminder of my haircut and color scheduled for Tuesday at noon. Only problem was, I had noted the appointment for 3 pm in my calendar and had a meeting scheduled for 11:30 Tuesday morning. You ladies will understand how excited I was to get that done; and, thus, what a dilema this created. Fortunately, there were people who could cover for me in the meeting. Unfortunately, that means I have to facilitate a meeting/luncheon on Sunday without the benefit of attending the final planning session. Yikes!! But, my hair will look great. :-)

      Tommy left for a Delta trip Wednesday morning about 9. At 10, I went to the kitchen to get something and discovered water in the dining room floor. Murphy's laws are alive and well--if anything is going to go wrong, it will be soon after the hubby leaves for a three-day trip. I think that's law #657 or so. An ice dam had formed on the section of our roof that overhangs our back steps, and water was seeping into the ceiling and dripping onto the floor. Mopped up the water, put bowls down to catch the dripping water, donned the snow boots, and went out back to rake the snow off the roof. Fortunately, it was a sunny day and enough of the ice melted away from the house that the drips stopped by the afternoon.

      That night I was to facilitate a ladies Bible study that started at 6:30. The leader's guide says to "be in place with everything ready to go and ready to welcome guests at least 15 minutes before the study begins." When I got to church, the DVD player was not connected to the TV; and I couldn't find the cord. By the time I found the cord and someone who knew how to connect it, it was 6:35 and all the ladies had arrived. Good thing I'm not a Boy Scout because I certainly wasn't prepared. But, God's grace is good. The ladies were very understanding, we still had plenty of time to finish, and the study is excellent!

      Back to the office Thursday where it wasn't too busy a day. However, gremlins had invaded every piece of electronic equipment I touched--copier, printer, and two different computers. For example, I needed to scan a two-sided newsletter at the copier and email it to my computer. A simple task. Loaded them into the document feeder, pushed 2-sided, and hit start. The copier pulled the pages through as designed then gave me an error message that said "job done improperly and deleted." Three different times I got that message! Finally had to scan the pages one side at a time and send them as individual scans. By the end of the day, I was ready to toss everything into the parking lot and run over it.

      That night I was back at church for a ladies fellowship. My job was to prepare the punch, so I had purchased the ingredients earlier in the week knowing Thursday would be a busy day. I had a few errands to run, so I left about an hour early. Just as I finished the errands, it dawned on me all the punch ingredients were back at the house. So I made a mad dash back home cursing my stupidity all the way.

      Thank goodness it's Friday! And, tomorrow is always a better day. Right?

      Tuesday, January 6, 2009

      Snow blowers

      We've had several more days of snow since Saturday. The blue sky hasn't reappeared. But, I thought of something else I enjoy about snow--how fun it is when everyone in the neighborhood comes out to clear their driveways at the same time.
      Since I live on a cul de sac, there are only seven houses. This afternoon just before dark, the snow that had been falling all day stopped. Tommy and three neighbors were out with snow blowers blaring.
      I don't know why this intrigues me. Maybe it has something to do with knowing everyone is alright after being cooped up in the house for hours (or days depending on the storm). Or maybe it reinforces that sense of "neighborliness" when one person takes care of the sidewalk in front of several homes because he or she finished the driveway before everyone else. Or maybe it's just fun to see several plumes of snow shooting into the yards.

      Saturday, January 3, 2009

      Winter weather

      I love snow!!! And winter!!! Yes, it's a pain to drive in and you have to shovel the driveway. But, you can't beat the beauty of a clear day after a winter snowfall. Today was one of those days. It was even pretty after dark--Venus is bright in the western sky and the night is crisp and clear.
      Thank you, God, that I get to live in a place as gorgeous as Utah.

      Thursday, January 1, 2009


      Okay. I've decided to join the 21st century and begin blogging. Thanks, Lindsay for the coaching.

      January is my least favorite month of the year. I'm not sure why--perhaps the let down from all the December activities, perhaps because Utah usually has temperature inversions that prevent us from seeing the sun for weeks at a time, or perhaps because it's one of my busiest months at work. I've just never been the "hooray for starting over and making resolutions" type.

      However, I decided to be productive today. I cleaned my entire house, finished all the laundry and ironing, and put away all the Christmas decorations. There's always such a feeling of satisfaction when you set your mind to something and actually do it. And, it will be great to have the weekend with time to have fun.

      Still not exactly a resolution but it beats moping about the house feeling blue because January has arrived.